Executive Committee


Srinivasan K Swamy

Chairman and World President
Joel E  Nettey

Joel Nettey

Senior Vice President
Orf E Cox Riesenfelder Presse 1

Beatrice Cox-Riesenfelder

General Secretary
Venanzio Camarra Photo

Venanzio Camarra

Pawel Kowalewski Photo

Pawel Kowalewski

Vice President/Area Director, Europe
RN Rotary Pic

Ramesh Narayan

Vice President/ Area Director, Asia Pacific

Norkor Duah

Vice President/Area Director, Africa
Sasan Saeidi Photo

Sasan Saeidi

Vice President/Area Director, Middle East
Profile Pic

Fredrik Borestrom

Vice President, Corporate Members
Felix Tataru Photo

Felix Tătaru

Immediate Past President and Chairman, President's Council
Screen Shot 2017 11 24 At 7 53 44 Pm

Dagmara Szulce

Managing Director, IAA Global

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