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Kochi, 20-22 Feb, 2019

The 44th IAA World Congress will be held in the city of Kochi, India between 20th and 22nd February 2019. Three days of intellectual stimulation from a galaxy of speakers that rarely grace a single platform. You will have everyone from a spiritual guru, to global industry leaders to cutting edge technology experts and even a robot trying to answer that simple yet profound question posed by our theme "Brand Dharma, What's coming next?"

Dharma is a Sanskrit word with a wide import of meaning.​ ​It could be described as Righteousness, Duty, Responsibility, Virtue, Goodness and so on. In today’s dynamic world the tag “Brand” is no longer restricted to denote a product or a service.​ ​Some of the biggest brands are people today.​ ​At the same time, a younger and more demanding audience is looking for far more than mere product attributes.

They are increasingly inquiring whether a manufacturer is an equal opportunities employer.​ ​Whether raw materials are sourced locally.​ ​Whether finished goods are manufactured in decent environs.​ ​Whether production is endangering our atmosphere and water.​ ​Whether our celebrities are walking the talk.

So every Brand has to live by a Dharma. And we are delving into what’s coming next in that all-important space.

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Three scintillating nights of entertainment. Art, fashion, food, music and dance will come together in an extravaganza that India is famous for. Interact with the top models and biggest actors to grace the silver screen. You'll wish the party never ends. Well connected by international airlines. Hotels to suit every budget and a unique culture that for thousands of years has welcomes a guest as a God!

No wonder they call it Incredible India!

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