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Bădeci Raluca, IAA Romania Young Professionals Member

Augmented Reality - a new way to attract consumers

In the context of a constantly changing marketing industry, especially in the social media area, technology has become omnipresent in business. New trends appear on the market and companies need to quickly align their marketing and communication approaches to keep them relevant to consumers. Among the new trends brought by 2018, such as virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence, voice marketing, etc., there is also the augmented reality (AR).

With the aim of becoming even more visible and to reach more customers, marketers have made great progress in the technology area as consumers demand a more integrated experience. By blending the physical and digital worlds and enabling users to actively shape their experiences, AR offers unique ways for marketers to interact with consumers. These can range from navigation to virtual showrooming. The augmented reality has great chances to change the way marketing is done right now.


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