Study Emotional Reception Commercials

Brand New Study on Emotional Reception of Commercials

The IAA Austrian Chapter presented the results of a qualitative study commissioned by IP Austria on the impact of commercials in various online environments. Using neuroscientific emotional research, the renowned German research institute september Strategie & Forschung GmbH conducted a direct comparison of the effects of different online environments on advertising reception and brand awareness. In the study presented, the emotional responses of 30 participants (age: 25 to 59) were measured and additional in-depth interviews allowed a profound psychology analysis of how each spot works and why it is triggering specific emotions.


The results of the study clearly showed that advertising on media libraries such as TV NOW has a much more positive impact on brand awareness than such as YouTube or facebook. Recipients are in a conscious consumption situation during watching commercials on TV NOW. This benevolent environment increases the advertising effect as well as the involvement with the content. In contrast, there is no targeted use on facebook or YouTube. Content is considered superficial and does not produce a lasting effect. Due to the many different stimuli a focused view is difficult. Negative emotions such as stress and scepticism are particularly strong here.

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